What Companies are Looking for in a CMMS

Recently, Hippo CMMS conducted a survey of what facilities and large businesses are looking for in a maintenance management software.

Only 20% of survey respondents were currently using a CMMS. Among the remainder, 36% of respondents were not using any maintenance system at all while 44% of respondents relied on spreadsheets as their facility management approach. When asked if they had recorded data relating to equipment, parts or vendor lists to be imported, only 33% of respondents indicated “yes.” In sum, these findings suggest that those surveyed recognized the limitations in their current maintenance management strategy and were now looking for ways to either automate their company’s maintenance management or upgrade the CMMS currently in use.

Most of those surveyed described their operations as being medium size with 41% of respondents reporting having 2-10 buildings, 50% of respondents having 5-20 internal maintenance staff and 55% of respondents reporting having 26-100 work orders completed monthly. For these respondents, there clearly is a need for a CMMS that can interface with multiple sites, accommodate multiple users, create preventative maintenance schedules for all equipment and have a spare parts inventory list with customizable threshold levels.

See the rest of the survey here.